Neon 20-Feet Dual-Reflective Leash

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  • Brands Fur Buddies
  • Product Code: FB-12
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Our long lines are made of nylon, double coated with a special durable & robust webbing that makes it apt for any topography. The Neon Orange long line has a width of 1 inch. The Neon Green long line has a width of 1.5 inch. Light weight with high tensile strength, complemented with extremely sturdy hooks that won’t rust or weaken with time. The dual-sided reflective strip has the added advantage of being visible in low light, making it easy to spot your dog. Using a long leash to train your dog can be one of the most effective tools to ensure success. It keeps you in control, keeps your pup safe, and helps you gauge your pup’s abilities. You can use a long leash to help teach the following behaviours (of course, there’s probably more that can be added to this list). Come when called or recall Stay Off-leash behaviours Hiking within a certain distance Leave it Sit, down, and up from a distance

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