Our Team

Nishna Varma (Founder)

I have always wanted to do something for dogs and I found my passion in baking these natural and healthy goodies for my own babies, one of whom is allergic to wheat and the other is a fussy eater.

My aim was to serve the needs of all pet owners going through the same issues & then started The Barkery in 2017.

Always In Our Heart : Hugo (Founding Director)

I am the spoiled Labrador who runs around Nishna, and I am her confidence booster with a big appetite.I am the official taster of all the products that she makes and oh boy, do I love my job?! (I am not complaining). The Barkery is my first job and going by the response that we're getting, I can say we are not doing bad either!

Fido (Marketing Manager)

Don't go by my size, even though being a Chihuahua is not easy, I am the next in management after Nishna and Hugo! I love to play around my big brother Hugo. He takes the benefit of his size, but since I am the Marketing Manager - I get away with lot of cheesy stuff!